Aylesbury is a small town located between Luton, Milton keynes and close to many shit places such as slough.
Aylesbury is overun by chavs, pakis and rudeboys.
Great place to go if you want to be beaten shitless. After 2 minutes of stepping into aylesbury you will most certanly be offered some of the finest e's and skunk, dealt by the jamaican community and the chavs. Places to avoid at night are stoke mandeville flats, bedgrove park where you WILL be accused of burgalry at least once. (personal expericances).
I lived in aylesbury for 15 years and now live inmaidstonewhich isnt much better, the only difference is in maidstone they are all white wannabes, pikeys, chavs and pricks in aylesbury it is mainly the asian community starting on people who enter the kabab shop they hang in and the black community who from the "hp20" who smack passers by with baseball bats, (again personal experiance).
The schools include The Grange which attempts to educate the asain community but ends up with a teacher getting stabbed with a chisel.

You can find most of the chavs hanging outside mc donalds smoking a spliff and starting on family shoppers.
"Im goin to aylesbury tomorrow"
"Wear a vest and stay hidden"

"oi blud, u got 10?"
"yh blud lets go"

"hi kids! want a tablet!?"
by (dvc) June 30, 2006
The Queensbridge housing projects of Europe. Located in east walworth "the estates" is the biggest housing project in europe with 10,000 residents, it's not fun to live in, heat went off constantly, rats acted as if they payed rent in the house too, and there were huge holes in the walls. It's the most notorious estate in the UK (yes more notorious than angell town) and tony blair did his speech their once......not much changed.

The bill (cop show) filmed there ALOT i don't know if they still do, because of how it looked, but they are knocking it down soon and gentrifying, oh sorry i mean "regenerating" the area and it's gonna take about 15 years in all...... my old block is last to get knocked down, lots of basketball courts tho.
brixton dude:"where you from bruh? I'm straight from the hood! i'm from the streets son!"
Me: aylesbury estates fam.
Brixton dude: Oh i'm so sorry! are you ok? you must be starving! did you have to fight the rats to get out and visit us?
Me: yeah it was a hell of a fight fam, but i got a wicked jump shot now!
by aylesbury nigga January 31, 2009
A classic all boys school, where the guys run round grabbing each other's batty's, and obsessing with the dead tings across the other side of the road. Most of these are battymen that are too scared to come out because they'll get rushed by their mandem. Some of these students are often caught simping, like some guys who buy the girls £200 bracelets in the first week of dating. smh.
Boy 1: Look at that simp
Boy 2: He defo goes Aylesbury grammar school
by MrNeverCap April 29, 2020
Aylesbury High School is located in Aylesbury- a town near Luton and London. Although popular opinion of Aylesbury is that it is full of pakistanis and chavs (which is true but though most of them are twats, they are also harmless), it is normally safe.

In Aylesbury there are three Grammar schools. The Henry Floyd, The Aylesbury Grammar School(the boys school) and Interlinked with the Grammar, the Aylesbury High School which is a girls school. AGS and AHS are across the road from eachover. They join up for School Plays, clubs and other things.

It is supposedly common Knoweledge that people from AGS arre all gay and people from AHS are Lezzies. They arent, I know of onlyone person who isnt heterosexual, and they are bisexual. if you still think this, try walking between the two sschools in the morning. You wont ever see so many couples snogging in one place, and no gay/lez kissing.
Steve: you going past Aylesbury High School?
John: Yes.
Steve: Good luck.
by bobbyface123 December 12, 2010