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The PROPER way of spelling colour.
Or color as the americans spell it.
Americans will probably spell it wrong because British spelling is too SUPERIOR and they can't understand it.
The FIRST way of spelling it, and the right way.
British dude: Do you like the colour of my thirt?
American dude: No that color is stoopid. I love pink!
British dude: YOU CAN'T EVEN SPELL!!!!!
by hananananaah January 17, 2006
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will yoo comment meh myspazz pics plzz.
they are sexeh an hott, vereh howtt.
omgdz am soo scene omgdz
comment meh piczz whilee am in theh showah.
ya rly!
the person typing like this is usually called 'emmah' or '.x.myspazz.x.whore.x.' XxSexehMyspacePrincess.

Stupid myspace spelling

by hananananaah January 17, 2006
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a scottish or north eastern english way of saying 'yes'.
scottish and Geordie people mostly say 'aye'
Dude:Are you guys coming out?
Geordie/Scottish Dude: Aye, man of course, like.
Other dude: Yeah mate.
by hananananaah January 17, 2006
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