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an amazing guy, he is very low-key kept to himself but once you meet him he is funny and sweet. he doesn't share his feelings easily but is very honest. can always make you smile, very trustworthy, and any girl would be lucky to have him.
by :)its me August 06, 2017
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Ayden is the sweetest guy you will ever meet.

He is committed to who/what he loves
If he loves you he will always let you know
He will always be there for you
He may be quiet and shy but once u get to know him he can be annoying
Omg,Aydens so sweet!
by Masterguy46782 November 08, 2016
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Amazing personality, doesn't take shit from anyone, knows what he wants in life, handsome & charming, mommys boy but looks up to his daddy
Ayden is one of the best things to ever happen to me!
by tjlmamma February 03, 2010
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A person who can be pretty annoying, but can be a good friend in general. Doesn't show much respect to people, and expresses his opinion to everyone.
Damn son, ur an Ayden for sure!
by DaKidWithStyle21 June 13, 2016
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Ayden is such good lad and full to the brim with boyfriend material. He has an amazing sense of humour, he's hot dayummm, and he is loved by many.
Girl #1: Dayyumm was that Ayden?

Girl #2: Yeah it was.

Girl #1: Too bad he's taken by Lauren.

Girl #2: At least she ain't a hoe like Montanna.

Girl #1: AYYEEEE!

Girl #2: AYYEEEE!

Both girls: AAYYEEEE!!!
by Dykoda September 10, 2016
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Ayden's are cute fuck bois that girls fall for. They are usually called a "hypebeast" because of their strong shoe game. But Ayden's are sweet boys and will always be there for you.
Damn! Look he must be an Ayden, he's such a hypebeast.
by ricecrispys May 22, 2016
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