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Used when one is about to have somehting bad happen to them, or has found out something very bad.
Aww shit! I left my money at home!
by nick November 03, 2003
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The phrase typically said when your about to get fucked. Usually said when your about to get in a sticky situation. Sometimes said when you make a mess that you know youll have to clean up.
Nick: Dude, you just sat in a big pool of chocolate milk.
Nick: Nice one
by CAHACKLELACKLE6 May 08, 2011
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Words expressed in emotional response of positive and negative nature respectively after
1) an amusing circumstance has happened
2) a horrible circumstance has happened
Joe: *looks at hot girl* "I so wanna smack that today."
Mike: "Aww shit same here bro."
Joe: "Yeah my sister always packs nicely."
Mike: *looks at Joe* "Aww shit.." *walks away*
by Devawr March 04, 2011
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