a word to discribe something or someone who is more awesome than awesomest
things that are piraty are awesomes
by trumpy13 July 16, 2003
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A word of which to describe things that one thinks is amazing, and/or cool. Most oftenly used by the legendary Barney Stinson.
"Dude! That action movie, with all those car crashes and stuff? AWESOMEEEE!"
by LittleMissSunshine May 30, 2008
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Riding a rocket lawn chair through a strange portal while dressed in a disguise with a cat that happens to be a chef on your back.
Person 1: Wow, did you just see that person riding that rocket lawn chair while in a disguise with a cat on his back that happened to be a chef?

Person 2: That was the very definition of awesome.
by neither April 19, 2009
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An enthusiastic response to a fresh idea, cool act, or anything amazing that defines you.
Playa #1: Yo yo check this, last night I busted a cold freestyle on these suckas down the block.
Playa #2: That's AweSoMe!
by PJ Maxx November 01, 2010
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To be significantly greater than the other. Great, Better, Nice. Word or expression that means a positive significance
Hans is more awesome than Marrielle
by hans94 May 14, 2011
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A) The true sense of the word is to describe something that inspires awe, a feeling of being overcome by ecstatic wonder, all in all a rather powerful word.
B) But this is an Urban Dictionary & unfortunately this word has now completely lost its power & meaning, with help from the American media & Hollywood (& skateboarding turtles), now, when you hear someone say "Awesome", their probably referring to a massive zit they've just discovered on their face! So I guess it's up to you how you use it; the way it's been used by poet's & enthusiasts over the century's, or the inarticulate American stoner way......dude!
A) The view of the glacier from up here is truly awesome!
B) Hey look dude, there's a totally awesome bug on my shoe..huh, oh well; Squish...
by HungryGhost January 16, 2015
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