3 definitions by scooty mcdooty

When you are trying to conceal a laugh so you laugh through your nose.
I was Nose Laughing so much at work today my boss almost caught me.
by scooty mcdooty August 20, 2014
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Similar to ragequit, but happens when a person is so bored that things that are normally used to prevent boredom add to it.
Bob: Did you see Ryan boredquit IRC yesterday?
Jack: yeah, what was that about?
Bob: Clearly he was too bored, even for IRC.
by scooty mcdooty March 18, 2009
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A word that is an alternative to 'faggot'
Guy 1: That guy spammed the forum so much yesterday.

Guy 2: What an awesome person.
by scooty mcdooty February 15, 2009
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