2 definitions by Jamie Gollerado-Bubba

A woman (or man) who only sucks the man's helmet during oral sex.
"Mate, did you get laid last night?" "No, this girl went down on me but she's a total Helmet Warrior. Didn't know what the hell she was doing"
by Jamie Gollerado-Bubba September 18, 2016
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When you suffer from A.P.S. you are an innocent soul, free of sin and constantly invited to parties. Friends and family make appointments weeks in advance for you to grace them with your presence.
(1) Do you want to hang out some time? - Sure! How about in a fortnight? You know how it is, A.P.S. and all that.
(2) Do you ever feel guilty? - No, I suffer from A.P.S. Awesome Personality Syndrome
by Jamie Gollerado-Bubba May 2, 2018
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