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(n.) When something is so unbelievably cute that it leads you to say "awe." A play on the idea that orgasms are an extreme state of pleasure, "awegasm" represents a moment when one is overcome by an extreme level of cuteness.

(adj.) Awegasmic.
When I stopped at the pet store today I had an awegasm while I was playing with the kitties.

Upon seeing my girlfriend's new facebook default, I had an awegasm. :3
by AKnightAlone August 17, 2010
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like an orgasm but instead caused by something being so awesome that you make sounds or muscle movements similar to those you would make during orgasm.
i watched pacific rim the other day the story was pretty dumb but i was awegasming all over the place during the action scenes
by the Shtoomp master January 09, 2014
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1.) an intense rush of energy/emotion resulting in mental and/or physical pleasure induced by something totally awesome.
2.) a play on the word orgasm in which the sexual satisfaction is stimulated not by sexual activity but rather by something totally awesome.
The concept of living 4ever gave Dan an awegasm.
by Dan4ever January 24, 2008
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A mix between the words awesome and orgasm, used to describe a state of awe so brutal, that you can simil it to an orgasm.
example-"The graphics on that game just gave me an Awegasm!"
by justinsabanagrande227 May 18, 2010
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