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the colorado avalanche nhl hockey team from denver, colorado
do you remember the avs / red wings rivalry back in the 90s? that shit was sick-nasty bomb-diggity, yo.
by deerkiller September 03, 2008
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Adult Verification System
man i wanted to download porn from a site but it was an AVS site
by DarkKakashi7 April 05, 2005
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1) Cavernous and roast beef-like;
2) having blue waffle-like symptoms after 5 months of development;
3) from 7-9 months, AVS will form into a black hole with teeth, which results in a penis-encrusted vagina;
4) a peni tree begins to form after 1 year of development;
5) 6 weeks are needed for the peni tree to fully develop;
6) After a fully developed peni tree, the AVS will go into hibernation for 6-8 weeks;
7) after, the AVS becomes so contagious that physical, mental, or emotional contact is dangerous;
FYI) If a baby is born during any developmental stage of AVS, the baby will turn into a peni tree, so pregnancy is strictly reserved for those who do not have AVS.

FYI 2) AVS is also referred to as Amy's Vagina Syndrome
Amy: Do you want to come to a party
Caleb: No! You whore! You have AVS!
Amy: What's that?!
Caleb: You eat dicks with your vagina and grow peni trees out of it.

Amy: but my vagina is so cavernous and roast beef-like!
Caleb: Exactly...
by MLDP inc. January 10, 2011
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Hungarian Secret Police from the end of WWII to 1956, when during a riot they where systematically rounded up and executed.
ah, the ÁVS.... that should be the fate of all jack booted thugs.
by anamenotalreadybeingusedbysome October 24, 2010
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I know you havn't heard about it when you took algebra but that's because you didn't take algebra after the year 2050.
by Xenoglyph October 12, 2003
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