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The beauty of avrilation is that something can be continually created from nothing.
It's a marketing theory that runs against every law of physics that anybody knows, but it works because of the other law that states "there's a sucker born every minute".

The theory states that:
There is always someone who will hand over good money for a product that is worthless, even if it is created from another product that is worthless. In the process, those involved will be provided with real money that allows them to gather a very nice lifestyle and some things that are probably not schlock, thank you very much.

The product can be anything - a singer, a perfume, a keychain, item of jewelry, etc. - but is always schlock with no value in and of itself.

The marketing is always accompanied with at least one example of a lack of integrity that the victims will never see.

The term is derived from the marketing of Avril Lavigne that continued with her own marketing of herself to promote products that are associated with her for marketing purposes, etc etc etc.
Miley Cyrus would be nothing if it wasn't for avrilation.

Avrilation makes the world go round. Unless you're real.
by fronkzippo June 11, 2010
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