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when you can’t retire because all you did in your 20’s was splurge on avocado and bread (+ toa$ter) bc you didn’t realize you could have been rich if you hadn’t squandered all your earnings on such lavish breakfast loke a spoiled idiot)

literal meaning: toast w/ avocado on it on it
ARI: let’s go out tonight
MIRI: i can’t. i need to save money for breakfast tomorrow, sorry

ARI: avocado toast?
MIRI: yep
ARI: you’ll pay for this the reat of your life.

MIRI: seems worth it. i’m hungry
by buttboss May 28, 2018
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Taking its name from the testicle shaped fruit, an avocado toast is when two men 'high-five' their scrotum together. This is a show of platonic affection proves that their friendship is true.

Adv. Avocado Toasting
Aaron and I are really close, he's helped me move and yesterday we avocado toasted after the O's home run.

What's avocado toasting?

It's when you high -five with your nuts! But only if you're really cool with each other.
by SymoneKitty June 06, 2018
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A sexual act where a West coast or Latino woman experiences a squirting orgasm in the cowgirl position while riding a man with very little melanin in his skin. She removes the penis from her vagina in the middle of the act and spreads her ejaculate over her partner.
Dan: Hey Milton! How's your relationship with Isabella going?

Milton: Oh wow geez, she's crazy! I've been getting Avocado Toast'd every night!

Dan: isn't Avocado toast for breakfast?

Milton: ...Nah man.
by CommiK June 06, 2017
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