when you can’t retire because all you did in your 20’s was splurge on avocado and bread (+ toa$ter) bc you didn’t realize you could have been rich if you hadn’t squandered all your earnings on such lavish breakfast loke a spoiled idiot)

literal meaning: toast w/ avocado on it on it
ARI: let’s go out tonight
MIRI: i can’t. i need to save money for breakfast tomorrow, sorry

ARI: avocado toast?
MIRI: yep
ARI: you’ll pay for this the reat of your life.

MIRI: seems worth it. i’m hungry
by idtst April 20, 2018
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A sexual act where a West coast or Latino woman experiences a squirting orgasm in the cowgirl position while riding a man with very little melanin in his skin. She removes the penis from her vagina in the middle of the act and spreads her ejaculate over her partner.
Dan: Hey Milton! How's your relationship with Isabella going?

Milton: Oh wow geez, she's crazy! I've been getting Avocado Toast'd every night!

Dan: isn't Avocado toast for breakfast?

Milton: ...Nah man.
by CommiK June 7, 2017
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This is the most erotic, pleasurable act a man can receive. It will leave you speechless.

First lather and cream a moist Brooklyn bagel in clench worthy avocado. Then it's the main act. Insert ones women slayer (penis) into the drenched bagel. It can only get wetter from here... Once ejaculation arrives smother the bagel and enjoy your breakfast.
Tawanda: Guess what happened last night.

Greg: What?...

Tawanda: I caught a stranger in my house avocado toasting.
by Avocadoontoast March 29, 2020
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Taking its name from the testicle shaped fruit, an avocado toast is when two men 'high-five' their scrotum together. This is a show of platonic affection proves that their friendship is true.

Adv. Avocado Toasting
Aaron and I are really close, he's helped me move and yesterday we avocado toasted after the O's home run.

What's avocado toasting?

It's when you high -five with your nuts! But only if you're really cool with each other.
by SymoneKitty May 18, 2018
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You feel less basic now, but you're really not
Why did you put salt on your avocado toast

Because avocado toast with salt is less basic

by PointingatmyBALLZ December 8, 2022
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Avocado Toast Syndrome: Complaining about the lack of $$ as you buy your daily avocado toast from some faux coffee shop cafe that gets their beans from the same supplier as Dunkin Donuts, while tapping out on your Visa.
"I can't afford to live in NYC anymore, the cost of everything is just killing me!"
"Bruh, you got Avocado Toast Syndrome! Are those avocados organic?"
by MyNameIsGeorgeStone October 21, 2022
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