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To be so inadequate that one receives an automatic failure.
When one has done so poorly from the beginning that redemption of dignity, self-worth and/or passing grades is hopeless.
My essay's introduction was so convoluted that she'll read it and autofail me.
by meeleea November 01, 2009
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Something so lame that it automatically fails under the magnitude of its own lameness
Dude that virtual girlfriend program auto fails, no other words come close to describing it
by Aron D April 02, 2008
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A feature on many smartphones, commonly referred to as "Autocorrect".
I'd like to use "autofail" in a sentence, but every time I type it in, it gets autocorrected to "autocorrect".
by VXS II April 18, 2012
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Someone that is so bad at something, that they automatically fail before trying.
John: Mike, why do you even try? You suck at everything

Sarah: What an auto fail!
by greeker November 24, 2008
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