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A crazy motherfucker who never makes any sense, except when he makes a lot of sense. He's adorable, with a really comforting smile and refreshing dark eyes. He's not hot, sexy or handsome, but my god he's adorable. He's a thinker and extremely considerate. Many consider him an emperor among men. You can smell his confidence from a mile away. He's crazy smart. Don't get me wrong, he's a lazy asshole who never does anything productive besides video games and vodka but we all love him.

If you're an Aumi, you're probably some form of asian and have a lot of friends. Someone, somewhere, is madly in love with you.
Aumi is so retard, someone toss him off a cliff.

Person1: Guys, I think Aumi fell asleep.
Person2: He probably has a hangover.

I wish I was as cool as Aumi.
by morningbeautiful January 31, 2015
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