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pretty much the same as 'nom', but AUM. louder. more expressive.
guy 1: so we're in her room, and yknow, AUM.
guy 2: wow, the farthest i ever got was a nom!
by otrik April 03, 2011
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Short for the scientific word ohms. It is generally used as a funnier term, it is louder in representation, and is sometimes not allowed to be used in scientific writings. It's more like a nickname, used by students.
If you have six Aums and a voltage of six volts what is the current?
by Daniellahappy January 26, 2014
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Guy: "Dude, I just got texted by a girl who wants head!"

Girl: "Aum-"
by Nameless Raat September 11, 2020
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