the day the real bitches were born
If you were born on august 30th, you a real one. 😻

Salma: I was born on 8/30
Nasteha: you know what that means right?
Layla: it means you ain’t no fake ass hoe
by and.i.oop.sksks October 22, 2019
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Jim asked, "When's your birthday?" Charles responded "August 30th." Jim responded "you that nigga"
by Charlesturntup August 21, 2015
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the day the best people were born, if you’re a virgo from august 30th, you’re pretty cool
i was born august 30th 😎
by PanicAt9PM October 16, 2019
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1. August 30th is the day where all the gods align and create millions of perfect children. People born before this day are flawed and people born after are flawed. August 30th is a day of perfection and serenity. Anyone born on this day is special and should be treated accordingly. Most 30 people are kind to some, ruthless in many ways, determined, happy, confused and selfless. These people are also smart and intuitive. The 30th is not too little like the 28th or 29th and it's not too much like the 31st

2.Deliverance from Imperfection

3.Day of Perfection
It's August 30th. Celebrate the day of perfection
by Phenomenal 30 October 17, 2019
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National grab a titty or grab a dick day.

Single or taken grab somebody today
Dude I grabbed Stacie’s boobs today.

What is today?

August 30th
by BigJay4206969 August 30, 2019
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Big sexy boy day where only the big sexy boys are produced
Wow your hot you mush be from 30th august
by Pobdhsoqpnc show November 22, 2021
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