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A profession that the more still exists today, but was at a high peak in the "Old West". Modern day bounty hunters mostly just track down people that have skipped bail. Most people think that bounty hunters are 7|-|3 1337357 |\/|u7|-|4FUCK3|25 4|25 but they really are not, and most jobs never end in blood being shed. This belief of bounty hunters being the most gung-ho gun experts is further fed by the Star Wars movies.
That wanna be Bounty Hunter Greedo got fried by Han Solo in a bar!
by 1337 October 27, 2003
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Bounty Hunter is a Set of the bloods originiating in the 1960's around Nickerson Gardens Now it's one of the largest bloods gangs in Los Angeles, with numerous sets im unable to name them all except for a select few, one i am from. Ace Line, Deuce Line, Trey Line, Four Line, Five Line.
Yo enough wit da fake ass talk its ya boi Trix-R reppin da F1V3 L1n3 Bounty Huntaz Fa Life nigga!!!! fuck the crabz, and the Folk Nation... punk ass niggaz dono how to handle they bidnezz, faggot ass niggaz Bloodz-4-Life. Bounty Hunter.
by Trix-R September 10, 2005
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Part of the bloods street gang a set witch started in nickerson gardens ,bounty hunter bloods go under cover poseing as crips to get there Knowldge/"Secrets".
Blood set like piru or brimstone
by Bhigh July 25, 2005
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In an event of a spill or an unexpected accident where liquids are involved, a person will desperately search for an absorbant paper towel.
Judging by this person's income results in the ability to afford "Quicker Picker Uppers" such as Bounty Paper Towels.
However, if it is financially available, and this type of event occurs, that person has become a Bounty Hunter.
Wifey: Here's your beer honey!
Husband: Thanks, Now cook me supper.
Wifey: (In an attempt to place beer in hand of Husband, she accidentally spills it on Husband's new glass coffee table) Oops!
Husband: Get back in the Kitchen! I need to Hunt me some Bounty now! (Becomes Bounty Hunter)
by TheGasMaskGuy December 24, 2009
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A bounty hunter is someone who wants to be a cop, but wasn't good enough to become one. As a result, they become stalker snitches.
As a bounty hunter, Fundo followed his sister around until he thought it was time to call police. What a stalker snitch.
by authOOr September 06, 2006
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A bountyhunter is somebody who tries to make a living from killing people for their bounty.
Mr. Pizza had to get out fast as he could, cause there where 5 bountyhunters chasing him, all eager to get the $5000 bounty.
by Sheean May 14, 2004
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BH is the best hero in Dota Allstars, he IS, the best hero in dota.

Gondar The Bounty Hunter. Hail.
* Korean BH player is BEYOND GODLIKE.. SUM1 KILL HIM !
N00b: ZOMFGBBQWTF !>>!? stop laming gay Bounty Hunter !!
Korean BH player: kêkêkê
by S4FF3R September 30, 2006
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