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This weird letter that is always automatically typed in the “Word” Bar when you try to upload a word into the Urban Dictionary...
“S” probably stands for the word Spermatogenesisicalieperiocladicleesötáans. Well, actually, that isn’t a word, but I uploaded it to the Urban Dictionary and no one voted it to be in it yet god damn it, so do it NOOOOOWWWWWW.........
by SuperiorSteve64 October 06, 2019

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A very, very talented and, Fucking Awesome YouTube Musician/Song Artist. He is most commonly-known for his Knife Game Songs (including the original that was written and made by him), which is kind of a bummer because aside from all the dangerous stunts and performances that he uploads like that, which a lot of people would consider stupid, dumb, and a bad influence (hopefully not a kid would say that), which makes sense, but no one seems to take the moment to check out and listen to his real music and song albums. Plus, a lot of his fan base is full of 7-12 year old immature kids that are obsessed with those Knife Game Songs. Also, with all the dark-humor he puts on his YouTube channel obviously gets the most popular and trending (Like the Noose Song, Knife Games, and other stupid humorous songs he made), which many 0% analytical people would immediately take as an “ignorant, cringy edge lord”, by first appearance, which, he not entirely is... And honestly, the whole reason I’m writing all this, he Deserves to be WAY more popular. Through his not-very-good childhood and depression, and all the instruments and musical equipment he has, and, Oh My God, the content of his videos are OutStanding (he went to College for videography/filmmaking or whatever you call it ). I really wish his songs could be heard on some of the mainstream radio stations or something. Anyway, this super underrated legend should really get more attention, so SubScribe to him, or at least check him out!
Some of Rusty Cage’s Best Real Music: Other Awesome Rusty Cage Content/Humorous Songs:
1. “The Lives of Flies” 1. “I Want Transparency” Parody on Second Channel: “Rusty Cage 2”
2. “When I’m Drinking Whiskey” || 2. The Blindfolded, Two-Hand, Halloween, Christmas, New and Final Knife Game Song
3. “What They Said” 3. “The Family Friendly Noose Song”
4. “Bone To Pick” 4. “The Knife Flip Song” and “The 2nd Knife Flip Song”
5. “I Wish I Had A Wish” 5. “Moving Like Hillary” and “Everyone I Don’t Like Is Literally Hitler” Lmfao!
6. “Requiem of the Crazies” 6. “The Cuss Word Song”. <—The best 30 seconds of your life!)
7. “The Bum Song” and “Spare A Dime” 7. “Draw My Life: Rusty Cage”
8. “A Mysterious Stranger”. and more... 8. Rusty Respond Videos..Especially: Rusty Responds #6 “Reading Mean Comments”

9. “Roasting Myself in Highschool”. And much more videos..
by SuperiorSteve64 November 04, 2019

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When cock-y asshole kids stare at themselves in the mirror, and let their dead brain cells control and hypnotize them like a fucking parasite and keep them from getting their eyes off the mirror.
When a person is Fag-miring at their own god damn self, seriously need to somehow manage to get some help and find a way to, idk, like, digest those dead brain cells, however that could happen.
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by SuperiorSteve64 October 12, 2019

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Something that needs to be added to Urban Dictionary, so people can laugh or critique words/phrases on the Urban Dictionary.
Like if you think so, dislike if you want your name to be illegally changed to Gibbsaly the Bump.
“Gib Gib don’t give Shit Shit” -Big Bomba replied in the comment section.
by SuperiorSteve64 June 11, 2020

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Can we please just make this a goddamn word already! I mean Jesus Christ! I mean Jesus, Mary, AND Joseph Christ, like, you don’t even wanna know how many times this damn iPad autocorrected me when writing atleast (did it again..) in the Word Bar...
Well atleast after you type it more than once, the damn technology finally allows you to type it...
Oh fuck.. or should I say, at. Least. It can recognize it...
by SuperiorSteve64 November 04, 2019

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When your dick isn't just casually erected, and is instead going out-of-its-league full-throttle fuck-beam boner mode, and lasts for a longer period (not menstruation..) of time. You may think its the type of long-lasting boner you get when sitting in the car, but no. This is a very rare boner. Spend your time wisely when having this precious opportuni..oh fuck. I mean..um, gift, or..idk., you get the jizz. Oh fuck, i mean jizt, o' gist, or..whatever. You get the point. ....ah fuck, that's what she said.... Point.
Scenario #1.
*In a car with my friend*
Carlos: Ok, what restaurant are we going to"
Me: Shit, Idk, I can't get my mind of this Lit Candle!!"
Carlos: " k "

Scenario #2
My dad: "......oh hey! is this Carlos?" Oh ok, I just wanted to let you know to stop over at our house to feed the dog and let him outside and all that..."
Carlos: "..oh ok, I'll stop by in 10 minutes.."
*So then went Carlos, he stopped by, and did everything my dad told him to over the phone..but then..he took orange construction paper and wrote: "Candle = Lit", and then put it under my pillow of my bed..
LMAO! Good memories..... Please vote this on, btw Subscribe to Rusty Cage while you're at it..
by SuperiorSteve64 October 29, 2019

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While holding something with both your hands, you can use it to masturbate.. doesn't work too well, but still makes y....well whatever you get the point.. ..thats what she said..
Use your Elbow Dumbfuck.
by SuperiorSteve64 October 29, 2019

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