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Not a real word. It's "at least". They're two different bloody words. The type of people who write 'atleast' are the same delinquents who write 'alot' 'abit' 'alittle' etc.
Correct: At least I paid attention in English class.
False: Atleast I paid attention in English class.
by Lunarclaw January 28, 2016

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A piss-take of the World of Warcraft expansion 'Battle for Azeroth', developed by Activision Blizzard.

The beta testers were mostly streamers who did fuck all testing. Those who DID actually send in bug reports were just ignored. Blizzard used the beta as a PR stunt, and chose to ignore 99% of tester feedback, causing the game to inevitably release in a half-finished state, riddled with bugs, typos and horrendous lag.

A year from release, lots of the bugs were fixed. However, many still remained, and players remained plagued by horrendous lag, quests failing to complete, and more.

Players began to refer to the game as 'Beta for Azeroth', taking the piss out of the fact the beta test was utterly worthless, and therefore it fell to the community to do the actual testing.
Player 1: I finished a heroic Warfront and the quest failed to complete. I opened a ticket, and the GM responded the next day saying it's fixed and to try again. I tried again and it was still broken. I'm getting sick of beta testing this game.

Player 2: Well, they do call it Beta for Azeroth for a reason.

Player 1: Blizzard are a small indie company, so you've got to cut them some slack.
by Lunarclaw August 06, 2019

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The act of paginating a web-page, or a web page that has been paginated.

Basically, instead of putting an entire article on a single web page, to paginate is to spread the article across multiple pages. A good example is a news article containing 12 images, but each image is on a single web page, forcing you to click the 'next' button 11 times in order to see all the images.

This practice is often used by websites as a means of click-baiting the viewer; by forcing you to keep loading new pages, you're spending longer on the website - and by extension, viewing more advertisements on the site, which leads to ad revenue.

Unfortunately, this is inconvenient for the end user; particularly if they're browsing on mobile device and the connection is slow, as it greatly increases the amount of time spent waiting for pages to fully-load. It also means more mobile data is used overall as the entire page has to be reloaded each time you click the 'next' button.
My favourite news site introduced pagination to their articles, so I can't be bothered to use it any more.
by Lunarclaw March 03, 2016

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