A city in which all residents have ruined their credit history and rent cars in great numbers.
"Do y'all take the check cashin' cawd for rentals at duh Atlanta College Park location?"
by Angry Man October 21, 2003
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A form of dance most appropriate for the rap and hip-hop genre; involves putting both hands on the ground while bouncing the ass up and down
Guy 1: Did you just see her drop it low??
Guy 2: Yeah bro, she can Atlanta like no other!
by djfunkyb February 06, 2010
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Wonderful fucking city if you like to breathe in smog, see nothing but haze even on a clear day, and sit in traffic on an 8 lane highway.
We should excommunicate a-town from the dirty dirty because it is not up to code on crunkness. I nominate Chattanooga, TN to be the new HQ of krunk.
by staff May 03, 2005
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not the true birthplace of crunk music (look up memphis) nice city and some real ass hoods but the main reason hip hop is dead. dont get me wrong, T.I. and Young Jeezys older works are true classics, but cmon, soulja boy, shop boys and lil jon, that aint fuckin music
Mane, Atlanta sure is hood, and is the cultural and ecomnic capital of the south, but dey rappers sure ruined the fuck outta hip hop.
by diamondsnmahmouth May 18, 2008
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heres yo histry facts
rap capital. ghetto as fuck. 2 million population. 2 white people. douglascounty is where erryone stays. we so fuckin ghetto.. we got worst in state. all the white kids had to migrate to homeschoolin. niggas took ova. if your white and you go for a job interview.. you get the job cause they the minority. dont ever drive through college park without a gun. we shoot people for fun. if you get in a fight, you gon get somethin ripped off. we dont leave nowhere without a fight. we dont actually have education, we just have teachers that talk. if walmart aint got it, you dont need it. we dont live off welfare; we buy crack with welfare. i know someone with a methlab as theyre kitchen.
Nigga1: You ghetto as fuck. Where you from?
Nigga2: Atlanta bitch.
Nigga1: No wonda mane.
by amyy&phoebe January 26, 2007
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Niggeriest town EVER!
If you like ghetto fabulous craphole dumps, you will think you have died and gone to heaven in Atlanta.
by Maria Reyes November 09, 2007
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Home of the braves, home of hicky people, hot asses, and hot ass temperatures in the summer.
located in the state of georgia. traffic is always heavy..
"yo, lets head downtown atlanta n' pick us up some ho's"
"i work in atlanta, its hot as shit"
by jessica October 27, 2002
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