beautiful caring and loving

To be named Astraea it means your pretty loving its the best name in the WORLD
astraea is the best friend ever
by punk rock peeps May 13, 2014
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the sexiest piece of meat you'll ever lay your eyes on
"damn, astraea got bunda ngl"
by astraeaxoxo November 1, 2020
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astraea is a independent beautiful girl. she loves mix boys. and she is very out going and smart. she is easy to fall in love with. she has beautiful blue eyes and when you look at her you get goose bumps
your such a astraea
by sister skinny legend November 28, 2018
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The astraea is awesome and is better than anything you could ever think of. Astraea is better than the other blades.
I bought a Hyperion and threw in into the fire, then I bought an astraea and praised it forever.
by balec2 December 22, 2021
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Known as the “Star Maiden”, daughter of either Zeus and Themis, or of Astraeus and EOS and associated with the Greek goddess of justice, Dike.
by Azrael05 April 25, 2020
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A flat eyed Asian cat girl. She got dem thunder thighs though. Not the smartest person ever but she is a trustworthy friend. Don’t do anything behind her back or she will hiss at you....
Yo Astraea hissed at me today in math!!

Omg she did that to the teacher today!!
by grace284 November 1, 2019
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A Very nice loveable and caring person, they deserve better and typically don't get alot of respect for who they are, rumours are often spread for no known well Reason, though, they still have the determination and have an aggresive attitude. only when she is upset
by Mason souvie March 15, 2022
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