Asswhore could be considered a supreme insult. It refers to somebody that is such a whore, that the term "whore" alone, does not justify the magnitude of their whorishness. Therefore, they may be dubbed "asswhore", as they will take it up the ass from anyone at anytime.
"Man, that chick is such a whore"
"She is beyond that, she's an asswhore"
by Sara Neuman September 10, 2007
a female that likes it up the ass
Jim: I did Jenny up the butt last night
Bob: I did her up the butt a few days ago
Jim: Man, she is such a poopwhore
by Whoreass November 18, 2002
A person who butt-dials multiple individuals in one night.
Hey you. asswhore! Turn off your fucking phone before sticking in your back pocket!
by yoyoma12345 February 5, 2011
An asswhore can only be a girl. It refers to a girl who
1) Is an ass


2) Is a whore
Because each word alone cannot define the magnitude of their slutty, fake, and horrid personailties, two wonderful adjectives MUST be added.
Jenni: Wow, Morgan is such a fucking asswhore!
Lola: What did she do!?
Jenni: She slept with my boyfriend!
Lola: ass!
Jenni: Whore!
Lola & Jenni: ASSWHORE!
by sp3akaodatruf March 6, 2010
considered a compliment among males for fucking the most girls up the butt
yeah man, im probably the biggest asswhore on the east coast!
by whyzgeye December 1, 2010
A sexual deviant obsessed with giving and receiving anal loving every which way to Sunday.
The outbreak of Asswhores on URBAN-D is epidemic; the Proctology, KY Jelly, Preparation-H, and Pampers business must be booming!
by RalphyChunkston February 10, 2013
An insult for a woman who is acting like an asshole, which is a term usually reserved for men. To feminize asshole, we add the female insult "whore". Thus you get Asswhore.
My boss asks me to do pointless tasks, she is such an asswhore.
by K823 March 11, 2014