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Asswhore could be considered a supreme insult. It refers to somebody that is such a whore, that the term "whore" alone, does not justify the magnitude of their whorishness. Therefore, they may be dubbed "asswhore", as they will take it up the ass from anyone at anytime.
"Man, that chick is such a whore"
"She is beyond that, she's an asswhore"
by Sara Neuman September 10, 2007
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a spanish word meaning the flipflop
used by latin moms to beat their child's ass
by allygator February 07, 2015
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A sexual deviant obsessed with giving and receiving anal loving every which way to Sunday.
The outbreak of Asswhores on URBAN-D is epidemic; the Proctology, KY Jelly, Preparation-H, and Pampers business must be booming!
by RalphyChunkston February 09, 2013
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An ass whore loves getting fucked in her tight little ass. Sometimes she likes it even more than in her wet cunt. She is often married and doesnt care whos cock is pumping her dirty ass. She never says no to a hot hard cock in her ass.
Kathy is a total ass whore. She is 54 now and married but has loved letting men fuck her sexy ass since she was 17 when her uncle started pumping her in her asshole so he wouldnt get her pregnant. She loves the feeling of a hard cock sliding deep in her tight ass as she rubs her clit and begs whoever is fucking her to do her harder.
by btld November 17, 2007
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a female that likes it up the ass
Jim: I did Jenny up the butt last night
Bob: I did her up the butt a few days ago
Jim: Man, she is such a poopwhore
by Whoreass November 17, 2002
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used to describe a bitch that anyone can fuck up the ass.
she does not care who fucks her as long as she gets a date.
het dude...did you hear about marshall. he took robin out
and that ass whore gave it up knowing he is married. she is one easy cheap ass whore.
by phone fun January 09, 2006
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