Someone you're lowkey fucking but lie to your friends about fucking because you aren't real. At all.
She said they were just associates but we all knew.
by Ab21 July 07, 2015
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a term used to describe "bitches dat work da pole" or strippers.
those associates had no muhfuckin titties, yo.
by betchpleez February 13, 2011
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Basically a friend with benefits or a sugar daddy who don't mind helping with money in exchange for sex. Sometimes can also mean drug dealer or pimp. Associate is usually a financially powerful person or very influential individual with enough resources to help someone else as well. Associate is someone whom you can ask help from at anytime when you are in trouble knowing that what you get from collaborating together will be quietly balanced later.
- Is that your boyfriend who brought you a new phone ?
- Nah... my associate did.
- Oh so you in business aren't you ?
- I have some good associates...
by Ghost9 July 06, 2019
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