2 definitions by LouSara

An elaborate presentation that lacks any imagination or originality, and is intended to impress an audience of rubes or halfwits
I am not going to meet with that sales rep. I've already seen his little dog and pony show.
by LouSara March 20, 2012
A small group of real estate agents, builders and developers who control and repress the residents of a suburban neighborhood. The aim of the association is to maintain the profitability of the real estate business by keeping the neighborhood in a state of Disney-like visual perfection - regardless of the impact on residential life. This is accomplished by enforcing rules for landscaping, lawn and building exterior maintenance, and by outlawing simple functional items and amenities such as basketball nets, garbage cans, satellite dishes, solar panels, flower pots, compost piles, window blinds, bike trails, mailbox numbers, etc.
The homeowner's association fined me $50 because I own a garbage can.

Our homeowner's association says we can't have a bike trail, because some buyers might believe that bike trails attract crime and drug dealers.
by LouSara September 20, 2012