mucus produced in the anus especially during anal sex, often quite runny!
I don't need any jell, I'm so turned on I'm already full of assjuice just ram it into me!
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
natural lubrication created when one is craving anal sex
take it out of my butt and let me lick all of my assjuice off
by deanna smuttin July 3, 2003
The release of a gland in the ass that produces a pheromone that can attract the opposite sex. Usually why you enjoy smelling her juicy ass.

pheromones ass sniffer ass eater
Her assjuice smells so hot I can’t even stick it in before I cum. I love eating her assjuice.
by Tina’s January 29, 2020
The Weird Smelly Substance that runs from your ass when you sweat, if you scratch your ass, your hands smell like shit.
Man, it's hot as fuck is my ass sweating? Yeah, it is. Man!!! That's Assjuice!!!
by FatManLurks February 28, 2020