A person who sniffs or snorts drugs that have been smuggled into a prison in their ass.
Looks like its up to you ass sniffer - Life

Do you know how they get that in here? up in their ass - Life
by peekaboo_jones September 26, 2005
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Someone who gets into your business.
Ass-Sniffer: What do you have going on at 5?

Man: I've got a meeting to attend..

Ass-Sniffer: Wait... What kind of meeting?

Man: Look, of all honesty, I really appreciate your help. I do. But, my schedule is completely none of your business. I've already told you my name, where I'm from, where I work, and how many siblings I have. I've told you all of that and I haven't even gotten your name.
by VPG001 June 05, 2018
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