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Assisted Suicide is part of the pro-choice political view. It allows the terminally ill to have the option of ending their life by being induced with a legal drug. Elderly that are NOT terminally ill but have some kind of disorder, etc, are considered for this option as well.
person 1: That man just found out he is going to die in 3 weeks.

person 2: Does he have the option of assisted suicide?

person 1: He asked, but they don't allow it here.
by Velma F. July 21, 2006
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When you have your balls played with by another person while you jack off
(her) "I dont want to have sex" (him) "Well how about a little assisted suicide?"
by Travlin September 20, 2010
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Code phrase for a murder that was staged to look like a suicide.
Person 1:
How did the victim die?

Person 2:
Likely assisted suicide. It was set up to look like the person shot themselves in the left temple, however they are right handed.
by JacoPirate February 14, 2010
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