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the incurable disease of being an asshole (asshole + polio)
when a person is being a complete ass and doesn't know it, they must have this disease
"Damn, what an assholio!"
by JT Shiner November 08, 2005
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A cereal that contains brown stars and dingleberries. The cereal is part of a complete anal breakfast and it is Mother Approved! Derived from the cereal Cheerios.
Jose (Obe): Hey Jerry you want some of my Assholios?
Jerry: Does it have those brownstars marshmellows and dingleberries?
Jose (Obe): You know it!
Jerry: Mmmm. Taste so good. Thanks Buddy.
Jose (Obe): Ahhh It feels so good.
by zoid, jerrica, obe February 10, 2012
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"Assholic bum faced alien creatures"
"Assholios" assholic bum faced alien creatures" ready to take over planet earth in 2013!!! ;-) ( all urban dictionary viewers are the first to witness the teaser) enjoy!!!!
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1. a term quoted by "the great cornholio". Word was introduced when said individual was in search of T.P. for his bunghole. 2. A person who pulls his shirt over his head with only his face showing to get a laugh from his lame-ass friends. All the while acting like an idiot, speaking in a stupid-ass voice, looking like a complete retard.
1a."Toss me some shit-tickets so I can wipe my assholio".
1b. your girlfriend moaned eroticly when i stuck my tongue in her assholio.
2. "Dude, your boy Jason can't smoke anymore of my weed, that fukker is an assholio. Tell him to leave, but the chicks he brought over can stay".
by pink pounder October 28, 2007
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Someone who sees a friends new snowboard bindings and says to himself "Hey, I like those, I'm going to buy them for myself." Then precedes to copy his friend and purchase said snowboard bindings.
Assholio! You better make sure everyone knows those are my bindings!
by Il Padrino of Awesomeness December 12, 2010
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