When a clear liquid spews from the ass, generally by those who enjoy the thought of anal intercourse/those that are having anal intercourse.
by xxbliss April 9, 2009
When a guy's jizz gets all over a girl's ass. Can only be done by the most kinky of sex partners.
Guy: Ima asscum you tonight.
Girl: Make sure u aim in the hole!
by Zack can fuck u good July 17, 2006
when aomeone as cum in their ass and it spues out
mark had soo much asscum last night he got home and then spue it was groose
by m night shablalabada October 20, 2007
when you cum in a girls ass and face
Alex: did you Asscum Lily last night
John: Yes
by Hammong Main March 11, 2021