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Total annihilation(colloquially, "analilation") of the ass of your fresh, young boyfriend on the second date. Typical action of your average 42-year-old boyshark.
Dammmmmn, when Phatdaddy flew me out to see him last weekend, he got all up in my tailpipe with Superchode. It was like the Boston Assacre.
by Asshair Snarfler & Pull-Dis-Fing September 11, 2007
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What happened when a bathroom is especially messed up after a bowel movement. Normally used to describe the condition the bathroom was left in by a third-party.
The feces dripping from the ceiling was proof positive that someone had an assacre in the bathroom.
by reggiebags February 20, 2018
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Commonly a miserable experience, an assacre is like a massacre but with shit. It also takes hours of wiping, and definitely not a fun experience at all.
Oh damn, Tacobell wasn't a very good idea, I think I'm gonna have an assacre The

bathroom is gonna look like Willy Wonka's chocolate river when I'm done in there.
by Aqua August 09, 2016
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