In a first-person shooter game, one who stalks other players to steal their kill, typically with a grenade or spray of machine-gun fire.
Damn you Levi! That's the fifth time this game you scored a double-kill off of me in a firefight you ass-camper!
by Devon Taylor December 18, 2007
1. a gay man who enjoys penetrating another man's ass and leaving his penis there for extended periods of time
my new neighbor just seems like such an ass camper, which is why, whenever he comes over, I guard my ass
by MACHINE/POSTAL October 20, 2008
Describes the state of having a moist, sticky, sweaty buttocks especially crack area. May also refer to the skin irritation or rash that accompanies sitting in wet clothes for an extanded period of time. The origen of the word can be traced to the hot summer days that you suffered with wet shorts through the remaining hours of summer day camp after breaking a sweat during a competitive game of tag or a dip under the sprinkler.
God, its so hot out that I am getting camper's ass just by sitting here!
by subdude October 7, 2004
A phrase used when somebody in an FPS is being a pussy ass bitch and staying inside their little safety building and doing absolutely nothing until a guy comes by just to laser them or more commonly, snipe them.
"Bro this man is a pussy ass camper!"
by Czecho_Slovakia August 20, 2022