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Describes the state of having a moist, sticky, sweaty buttocks especially crack area. May also refer to the skin irritation or rash that accompanies sitting in wet clothes for an extanded period of time. The origen of the word can be traced to the hot summer days that you suffered with wet shorts through the remaining hours of summer day camp after breaking a sweat during a competitive game of tag or a dip under the sprinkler.
God, its so hot out that I am getting camper's ass just by sitting here!
by subdude October 07, 2004
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- a goth dude who thinks he is an urbanite
- a person who subscribes to the theory of urban density while having no knowledge of the subject.
- a cool animal
- also known as the raper of albino hairless Thai midget boys.
What? You think there is no crime in Chicago? You must be a dampyre!
by subdude April 10, 2003
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