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I thought I wiped pretty good, but dang if I didn't have an ass-booger or two left-over!
by bait April 01, 2004
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Someone with aspergers syndrome who uses their diagnosis to take advantage of situations and people. All around fuck boy who thinks he does no wrong in his eyes but no one can stand. Whine about the stupidest little thing and defend their least important trait to the death only because they are confused about life. They can be munipulated very easily for entertainment puposes because thats the only way one can toletate them. They mooch off their mom for everything from their house payment to their iphone and internet. But claim they have money saved. Will even use their mom's credit card to buy someone's groceries in exchange for things they shouldn't be buying. Some people also call them Sizemore's or Liesmore's. Avoid these assboogers at all costs.
Sizemore is such an ass booger! He needs to clean up his act and quit acting like an ass booger 24/7.
by giggies063 February 14, 2017
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A crap/shit/fecies/poop.
Man, I've got an ass booger that's been waiting to get out since 9 AM, I don't think I can clench it in anymore.
by Sir Kinky Doodle April 26, 2010
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Used by Matt Stiffler on American Pie-Bandcamp, the movie.

Used as- An insult.
"Jesus Christ Holli you fucking ASSBOOGER!"
"That kid dakota is a damn assbooger"
by Stevie V March 15, 2006
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Did you hear what ass booger did this weekend?
Yea! he took his svt contour and hit vtak yo!
by SLEEPYDUB October 07, 2008
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