A HUGE fart that is so powerful, it hurts as soon as it leaves the cheeks. It also smells worse then regular farts because these ones usually leave squirts in the back of undies or boxers
John just let an ass blaster that cleared the whole room
by red April 16, 2005
"How was your food, Dean? Didn't you have the double-bean burritos with the extra guacamole sauce and peppers?"

"Yes, and it was a real ass blaster. I'm gonna feel this meal for a few days."
by MC Lucidious Mo'nashiss April 19, 2003
1. An animal from Tremmors that flys by igniting a bodily fluid that shoots from their ass.

2. A Queer, Homo, Faggot.
Hey Burt, theres an Assblaster right behind you!

Those guys are such ass blasters its not even funny.
by BillyGoat November 15, 2002
One who is flawless in anal penetration. Ass blasters can sucessfully preform anal without the dreaded poo-stains.
Yo thug, ima be ass blaster certified tonight.
by brandon and zach July 9, 2004
A hot suace that I guess lights your shit on fire and blast out of you ass sizzling as it hits the water in the dumper.
That ass blaster sauce really packs a punch.
by Chaos July 21, 2003
Putting 3/4 of your arm up a girls ass (from behind), then hooking the young lady in the stomach as you remove aforementioned arm. Thus inciting a landslide of feces from her rectum.
There is so muche shit here there must have been an ass blaster.