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a good looking dreamer who is given to frequent bouts of delusional aristocracy especially when practically unemployed.
Ravee:Ahh,pass me the caviar and gold spoon please,also put on some mozart.

Her:. . .

by GKGKGK May 31, 2011
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a gentle person who does what nobody else does and is either a gamer,an animator or both.
Girl:AHHH does he collect PERFUME for a hobby?

Boy:Yeah,how wierd

Girl:What an ASHWATH!Hee :'')
by Dranoshar May 31, 2011
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Captain Friendzone. Every gal's best pal. Scrapes into everything but a relationship. Can't handle his drink and likes to splash the cash. Ashwath is the wettest of the wet and will always dog the boys.
Variations - Scrapewath, Seshwath, Ashy babes, Palwath
by Rimmy Diab July 12, 2017
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