Spanish for steak, asada has also been a word referring to a completely shitfaced put of control ball of joy of a man...Typically a short fat mexican.
Bro i can't wait to tell you the stupid shit Asada did this weekend!
by bro-metheus May 7, 2016
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the Mexican version of a BBQ where they will generally cook a flank cut of steak with tortillas, cheese, guacamole, salsa, etc.

in general terms, carne asada is a seasoned piece of think meat...used in tacos and many other mexican dishes
Hey we're gonna have a carne asada on Saturday at my place around 8:00. Hope you can make it!

I'll have the tacos de carne asada.
by Ali B July 13, 2006
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(n) 1) a mexican barbeque as stated in the words proceding this one

(n) 2) a sad excuse for a steak that the restaurant "Chiles" tries to pass off on to their customers just so they can end up shitting their brains out later that night
ex) scenario- Tim has been in the bathroom for 16 hours straight for an unknown reason

Burt- hey has anyone seen tim since we came back from "Chiles"?

Ron- Yea man he ate one of those carne asada's and hes been in the bathroom since
by Anthony Capri January 25, 2009
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Punk band from Los Angeles 1994-present. Features George Murillo "the Mexican Lou Reed" on vocals. Guitar players have included Tony Fate and Dez Cadena. Famous in L.A. for songs such as Mexican Tar, Sunday Driveby Afternoon, and Drinking the Devils Blood.
Jimmy: Did you see Carnage Asada at the Blvd Cafe in Boyle Heights.

Jaime: Yeah, and there was a lady selling Carne Asada Tacos outside.
by OG Juan Canolli March 20, 2010
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1. A slang word for sexual intercourse.

2. A word to used to refer to some sexual occurrence.
1. She wouldn't give him any Carne Asada until they got married.

2. Pepe visited her late last night and she scored some Carne Asada.
by funwithfood June 8, 2009
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