A phemonimal way to say 'I LOVE YOU.'
As demonstrated by Westley (played by Cary Elwes) and Buttercup (played by Robin Wright) in the 1986 movie 'The Princess Bride.'
Person 1: Buy me an orange hat, farm boy!
Person 2: AS YOU WISH!
by ramonabuttercup October 8, 2020
A nonchalant way to insult someone to the point of leaving them speechless.
Person #1:"I look so sexy"

Persn #2:"Bitch,you wish..."
by YouWishyouWazMe January 25, 2010
Careful For What You Wish For is used to warn a person about their wish they want to come true and tell them that it might not the thing they will envison later on.
Person 1: Man, I wish to become a successful hiphop rapper!

Person 2: Careful what you wish for though! it might come at you ten fold in the most unexpected way.
by Infisrael May 3, 2022
A man who has sooo much swag he wishes he was asian. These people are deliquent to belive they are in anyway deservent of being asociated with asians.
Mr. You wish you were asian: '' LOOK AT ME I GOT MA SCRUFFS ON AND I RIDE A MOTOR BIKE M8''
cwel kids of beverley: what the fack? That twat is such Mr. You wish you were asian -_-
by cwel xxx July 6, 2011