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First coined by tumblr user sensitiveblackperson, art hoe is a term specifically for POC or allies who are interested in any kind of art. The term has catalyzed a subculture of white girlsand boys interested in kånken backpacks, art socks, and journaling.
Look at all the art hoes at the MOMA right now!
by forgetmenot September 08, 2015
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Probably wearing Mona Lisa socks. Visits abandoned houses. Exclusively shops at Urban Outfitters, but claims to be "vintage." Has every Mac DeMarco album on vinyl but never actually plays them. Take pictures in front of other peoples artwork without crediting them.
Emily told me her favorite song by The Beatles is "Hey Jude." She's such an art hoe.
by jewiyet May 22, 2018
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Someone who likes looking at art, making art, and expressing how they look in an artistic manor.
Important to note that this word originally started as a platform for black women and POC.
Amandla Stengerg and Willow Smith are famous "art hoes."
by babyboo2 September 19, 2016
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it's important to note the term was first coined by poc. Today it is mostly used to refer to white girls who are "quirky" and "different" that probably have micro bangs, masturbate to bands you've never heard of and never shut up about how they exclusively shop at thrift shops.
Omg, Klara Is obsessed with her image of being quirky, she's such an art hoe
by Cat-Catastrophe January 22, 2017
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a hoe who is mysterious and chill and like hippyish and good at art
damn, I wish I was an art hoe like her
by swagfag04 March 22, 2015
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an arthoe is some girl that wants people to think
she's all artsy and mysterious so she goes to an art museum, not to admire the art, but to take photos of the art and her standing in front of the art. Despite popular belief, it is NOT good to be an arthoe.
these arthoes have taken over my tumblr feed, pretending to love and understand art.
by dudesssss September 12, 2015
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An art hoe is basically a “tumblr” girl that’s go to outfit is a pair of mom jeans, most probably a yellow striped shirt or an oversized hoodie, fake round glasses that look like the ones of that girl in Mathilda, converse/vans/filas/dr martens and a pair of Van Gogh socks... she keeps her hair in a messy bun most of the time, owns a mason jar of scrunshies, an instax camera, all of the Harry Potter books, goes to Starbucks every now and then with her birthday money since dad says it’s too expensive. Her favorite singers are Billie eilish, Shawn mendes, Ed Sheeran, Camila cabello, Megan trainor... finally she thinks she’s weird and quircky
Mackenna with the basic art hoe outfit: omg pumpkin spice lattes are my favorite during fall my favorite season!

Catherine her normal friend: UGH mackenna you are such an art hoe!
by Hurricane Hoya boya September 18, 2018
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