english slang for ass

arse sounds stupid, why use it? and ass is funner to say
atleast us americans talk clearer and dont drive on wrong side of the road and dont talk like wuses
by davprad February 05, 2005
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Arse; To explore and understand the deep unknown
by Alibabba122 March 14, 2018
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IT'S THE GOOD bum that you put a dick in if you are a man.
Fred Shove your dick in my arse. Please. Shove hard. Mmmmmmmmm. NICE.
by ARSE WHOLE November 23, 2019
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A term used in the AOL Harry Potter Chatroom so you won't get TOSed for saying "ass". :
"Omg, Rob is being a big arsehole."
by ikickurarse August 19, 2005
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The original variant of the vulgar word "ass" in American English.


Until the Victorian period, "ass" had no profane meaning and simply referred to what we now call the donkey. Because of the increasingly non-rhotic nature of standard British English, "arse" was often rendered "ass". The age of Victorian propriety resulted in the rechristening of the horse-like animal, changing the name to "donkey" to avoid any improper inferences. This usage was also adopted in America, which is why the word "arse" is not usually used in the United States. Some people in Britain have adopted the American version in writing. Although before World War I they were similar, the British pronunciations of "ass" (IPA /æs/) and "arse" (IPA /α:s/) are now quite different.

Source: Wikipedia.

Sorry, but "ass" just sounds more pleasantly vulgar.
Linguistic elitist Briton arses, like the ones on this definition, are known for their pathetic uses of etymology to try and insult the intellect of Americans and -- in this particular case -- Canadians.
by Shreve Lamb and Harmon September 28, 2005
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American Reasearch Society of Eggs
Tourist: I want to visit your A R S E
Security: Want to get some coffee, from our A R S E?
by Daaaaaaaaaavvvvvveeeeeeee March 31, 2003
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