Acronym: Asheville Recreational Sports Elite. A group individuals competing in Recreational Sports such as Putt-
Putt golf, Ping-Pong, and bowling while enjoying alcoholic beverages and eachother's company. Founded by Libby Endry and Richard Berg on Thursday September 28th, 2006.
"Hey, are you playing in the Big A.R.S.E. Classic putt-putt tournament on Wednesday?"
by Richard Berg October 05, 2006
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A hole used primarily for the dispensing of fecal matter. Sometimes the insertion of oblongated objects such as various fruits, vegetables, broomsticks, fingers, penises, etc. are allowed entrance into this sacred area. The size of the anus can vary depending on the size of fecal matter dispersement, as well as what types of objects are inserted into this area.
jackt put his dick in Jessi's arse, and fuck her in anus
by palmerdior October 07, 2011
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What the British write when they mean to write ass. As with most words, their pronunciation is quite pretentious too.

There's nothing wrong with the way the British spell America. It's arse that they spell incorrectly.
Come on Dover!

Cem on Dewvuh!

Mewv yer blewmin aws!
by Downstrike October 26, 2004
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Another word that pompous Brits like to hold over American's heads as they talk down to them about the meaning and spelling of the word.

It means butt. It's that simple, yet that big of a deal, apparently. Anything to help keep their smug egos aloft... otherwise they'd be crushed under the sheer weight of them.
Brit #1: You're saying it wrong!
Yank #1: Well, since this is another country, words tend to be spelled and pronounced differently. It's called an accent. Don't be an arse.
by Steakface April 02, 2011
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