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the pinnacle of human existance. perfection bottled up in one man. manliness to the trillionth power.
that guy is so amazing, hes almost arman
by peaches174 October 17, 2008
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Means ambition, he's the most funny guy in the world. Loves to LOL dont give a fuck on what people think about him, extremly crazy, sexy, most handsome n charming guy ever. Loyal as fuck, Flirty, caring, honest, hard working, loving, passionate, affectionate, one woman man, friendly, warm, fearless, understanding n very giving. awesome guy ever!
Hey, who's that sexy guy with Kayla? Don't you know him, he's arman.
by OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER.. YE December 02, 2011
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The sexiest man alive everyone want to have his giant dong. He is the sexiest man alive. he is hotter than the sun. every one loves him.
" Man if I were an Arman I would love myself forever".
by toh si namra March 31, 2011
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The act of flirting excessively. Usually meant for guys who usually have no chance getting girls, but they end up getting them anyway. Makes everyone jealous with their charm.
Yo, that guy just Armanned that blonde chick.
I would laugh if that guy could arman that girl over there.

by Larz143 July 10, 2008
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noun: A fat Turkish elitist who talks about nothing except Turkey, his dick, bitches he's fucked, bitches he's going to fuck, bitches he sees and wants to fuck and dreams about fucking bitches. In addition, he believes that the Turkish people have invented everything, from sliced bread, to the flushing toilet. Often times, when you are talking to an Arman, you will notice that one of his hands if inside his pants, playing with his balls. He generally communicates simple concepts using a series of rudimentary grunts and hand gestures. If you ever encounter an Arman, take caution when bringing up historical events, politics, Armenia, Sweden, or anything that could be remotely connected to the Turkish race.
Ex: "no dude, im not coming over to your house, i dont care how much booze you have, your roommate is totally an Arman"

"so i was flirting with this girl and i thought it would be cool to pull an Arman, but she didn't take kindly to my stories about how many bitches i fucked and how my dick is so big it puts bitches in the hospital, and it turns out, she doesn't even care about Turkey :"
by Arman's psychiatrist May 07, 2009
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