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nice, egoistic, happy, lovely and have a future life
by tengku aishah December 27, 2016
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Arrogant Indian man who thinks he is the most jacked mother fucker in the world. Doesn't work out but drinks his weight in protein shakes, resulting in his titties growing. An Ariff is usually found with a broken right arm, forcing him to masturbate with his left hand. An Ariff also normally lacks sports intelligence: he does not know what a first down in football is.
Wow, that asshole over there is such an Ariff!
by John Canlas September 27, 2012
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Ariff means a jerk, a cheating boyfriend & an asshole who completely not a nice person at all.
Oh hey! He is so Ariff, he cheated on his girlfriend last July, he didn’t pick up his girl’s calls while he was with his ex in the middle of midnight in town! He did it on purpose! So Ariff he is!
by Unfaithfulbijyoutoldme January 04, 2018
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