Arco stands for drinking, fucking bitches and not giving a shit. Also means to ignore and blank out people.
You just got arco'd.
Hey dude, I just pulled an arco.
by Knoxed November 24, 2013
Short for 'arcology', itself a word invented by architect Paolo Soleri as a combination of the words 'architecture' and 'ecology' and which refers to the theory of building large, self-contained structures for human habitation. 'Arco' is usually used in the context of SimCity 2000, a computer game in which the player can build arcologies, which are enormous, odd-looking, highly expensive structures that can contain thousands of people inside them. Three of the four arcologies in SimCity 2000 (the plymouth arcology, forest arcology and launch arcology) are often named using the word 'arco' in place of 'arcology', while the fourth simply adds the letter 'd' to the word 'arco' to form 'darco' (which the game states is an acronym for Deurbanized ARcological COnstruct).
For arcologies in general:
Getting to the arcos is easy, all you have to do is make a flat city, turn disasters off and then build.

For a specific type of arcology:
I don't make forest arcos, they don't have enough population to be worth it. I always go for launch arcos instead.
by green_meklar March 3, 2008
Short for asshole, in that arco's logo resembles your a-hole.
"You fucking Arco..."
by Troy March 16, 2005
a child of mexican blood born to border jumping parents usually born on the floor of an am pm gas station just north of the mexican border. aka texico baby, chevron baby, you get the picture
that god damn lil motherfucker you just know he is a arco baby to bad he wont be deported with his parents
by lil connor the anchor September 29, 2007
A man that cares about people. A man that love any kind of art. He is extremely sexy. His voice is like an angle. Very rich. He thinks champagne is a cheap rum you buy at a liquor store. He gets anything and everything he wants by just say what he wants and he is the only thing you need in your life
He is such a david arcos
by w.s.g.r.r.m January 8, 2015
A special sex maneuver that shouldn't occur....while sober.

1. Get a half flaccid, half hard penis
2. Stick the "halfie" inside of a woman
3. Urinate
4. Repeat
alex: Last night Dave was thizzled up and horny so he found this Fat bitch named Kathy and went upstairs. Since he was rather intoxicated it was hard for him to get a boner and he had to pee. So he just arco fuel fucked her.
tim: Saw that coming...
by vaginaboobs December 16, 2009