Someone who uses arch linux.

You can typically recognize them by their profound lack of social skills and overpowering need to tell anyone and everyone about how they use arch and how great it is. They typically think of themselves as intellectually superior and consider anyone who doesn't use arch a low IQ mongoloid, despite the fact that installing and using arch is no more difficult than assembling ikea furniture.

However, it is unlikely that you'll ever need to distinguish an arch user since as stated above they'll have told you long before you even thought about them being one.

Lastly, telling them that arch isn't mankinds greatest achievement will cause them to contort and eventually spontaneously combust.
People: *just having a normal conversatio
Arch user: (from a distance) I USE ARCH BTW!
Guy 1 to Guy 2: Did you hear that? I think it's coming closer.

Guy 2: I can hear it now. We should go. It's an arch user.
by Person1582962 January 7, 2021
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People who will flex on anyone with one simple line.

"By the way, I use Arch"
"Btw I use arch"
"I don't care if you or anyone else are Arch Users!"
by BummerBHindaShed January 28, 2021
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