The result of Adolf Hitler seizing control of the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP, which later became known as 'NAZI') in 1919. The party became militant in the 1920's and was transformed into the sole political party in Germany in the 1930's. Hitler abused the trust of the German people and become the genocidal military dictator, Fuhrer and Chancellor, of the then-called Nazi Germany (Third Reich), which joined the Axis powers during World War II. The Allied forces, primarily composed of American, British, and Russian troops, crushed the Nazi military during a long war campaign. Hitler, realizing his defeat, committed suicide, which threw the Third Reich into disarray, and they surrendered soon after.
Hitler led the Third Reich until the Allied forces whooped the Nazis.
by Nicolai January 25, 2004
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The world is as small as a marijuana nug. Someone or something out there is smoking us in a pipe right now. When it lights it up for a toke, well where the hell do you think all the wild fires come from, and whenever he gets to a hippy bomb, well one word (TSUNAMI). Now onto the nazi part. See at the time the world was one strain of weed, and the nazi party was a stronger more potent strain of weed. So when he hit the shit the stronger strain took over, and that is where the nazi party came about. The third reich was the last toke of the pipe. Just like the nazi's it was working out so well and then just ended. So did the bowl.

The Third Reich is the last toke of the bowl, blunt, doobie, or joint.
by Jesse March 19, 2005
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A derogatory term used by Marylanders against Virgians; often as a counter to "the Peoples Republic of Maryland." It is critical of the Virginans overly conservative govermant.
Virginian: Atleast I dont live in the Peoples Republic of Maryland
Marylander: Yea, atleast I dont live in the Third Virginian Reich
by Domorrow June 2, 2024
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