With their beautiful lyrics and haunting melodies, this band truley is one of a kind. You can't help listening to them and ending up contented, they are original, beautiful, and Funeral is one of the finest albums I've heard in a long while.
I was listening to Arcade Fire the other day, and I thought "Wow, my taste in music is awesome".
by Rory Joe January 17, 2006
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A fine Indie-Rock band so bautiful and gut-wrenching it makes Radiohead almost look at posers.
Grandpa-What's that song on the radio that's makin us weep?
Grandma-Must be Arcade Fire...
by TheCalamar September 26, 2006
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A Post-Rock Band with a fuckload of reverb on each instrument.
"Who is this Post-Rock Band with a fuckload of reverb on each of their instruments?"
"It's the arcade fire"
by Gerardd August 17, 2007
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Getting fired because of overall slacking done in a way only the hip kids can do. Or browsing pitchfork and tweeting about post-modernism while at work.
"I spent too much time on youtube at work streaming coachella yesterday, so I got Arcade Fired".
by harboring.ghost April 27, 2011
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A 5-member band originating from Montreal, Quebec. Known for their lurid beats and definitive sound, they sound a lot like early David Bowie. With two main vocalists, a guitarist, a drummer, a violinist, a bass player and who knows what else, we expect promising things from these modern day troubadors. Their album Funeral is a tribute to growing out of childhood, the hopes and dreams, young love, and rebellion we accosiate with growing up.
I have nothing to put down for the example, kbye
by Jordun August 16, 2005
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My new addiction. Indie all the way. Montreal has produced something special again...
the arcade fire kicks ass.
by Allan February 3, 2005
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Montreal band that writes some really beautiful lyrics and songs that are so beautiful and elegiac that they stick in your head for weeks at a time. Live performances can only be described by awesome, mind-blowingly energetic, heart-breakingly moving.
The Arcade Fire is one of the best bands I've heard in years.
by i swear to god i'm not drunk December 11, 2005
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