1. adj. Describes the many folds and layers of labia of an inside-out pussy.
2. Noun. Vagina that closely resembles the Arby's big roast beef sandwich.
My homie could have got laid if it weren't for the fear of the roast beef sandwich laid out before him.
by Bear Man Sr. February 14, 2020
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The vaginal area of an Indian, African, Caribbean, Middle-Eastern or other dark-skinned lady, particularly one that you know has shaved her pussy.
Sean refused to flirt with the new office hottie Pridya, as he's not a fan of munching on roast beef.
by jpbookim May 13, 2012
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A "Roast" where you have "beef" with someone
Fam Imma bout to Roast beef the man you made fun of my mama
by Funnnyjoke May 10, 2018
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