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Is a nice guy that will do anything in the world for you.
He will loan you money, borrow work truck, an work over time when the bills pile up.

He is very smart and handsome. He loves his kids and would give them the world.
Aramy, I'm tough on money right now and it's my anniversary with my wife and I don't have enough money to get her anything, can I borrow a couple bucks?

Guy, sure, you would have done the sample for me.
by Jamie jhonson November 21, 2013
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Aramy is a unisex name that is referring to Aram making it a biblical name Aramy is unisex because of the "Y" at the end of the name. this name is slowly becoming more popular as time passes by, from only a few people found on the web with this name 5 years ago to now many people with this name this year. The name Aramy is going to become even more popular as time passes, but the people with this name at the moment get to be the first who have this very special biblical name.
by Define namer July 08, 2019
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Aramys is a girl. Opposing the masculine spelling of the name, "Aramis". Aramys is a girl/young adult/woman that comes into your life and you dont realize who she is until you get to know her. She will always be there for you even when you don't want her. You'll never want to lose an Aramys for they are the sweetest people on Earth. They are gorgeous and perfect. While many people don't see the uniqueness of an Aramys until they actually meet them or almost lose them, they're uniqueness is among many others. Don't underestimate an Aramys, just be there for her and be her friend because once you lose an Aramys it's almost impossible to get them back.
by Missmuss April 04, 2018
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