4 definitions by CraigGoldman

She is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She is beautiful, hilarious, so damn tenacious, and just a conversation with her will make your day better.
by CraigGoldman January 28, 2020
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Aramis thicc like Mewtoo
Aramis shit like poo poo
Sending out shots like pew pew
Ask your lil' bitch how you do
That bitch thick like Mewtwo
by CraigGoldman January 27, 2020
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little pig boy comes from the dirt. little pig boy needs to be stepped on by mistresses boots. little pig boys are most often named Ethan and Jacob, although others are possible.
Mistress: “hey little pig boy”
Jacob: “please step on me with your boots
by CraigGoldman October 30, 2020
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national ethan and jacob must have a threesome with landen day
Landen: “alright boys you know what day it is, it’s October 30th”
Ethan and Jacob: “hell yeah”
by CraigGoldman October 30, 2020
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