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A smart and funny guy who jokes all around and also fun to be mixed with because he is friendly but not too friendly .
Damn ! You are Luck just like Aqil .
by Indian Jokes September 01, 2017
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A guy who always put everyone else’s needs before his, the guy who make sure that he makes people he loves happy, then only he will be happy. He’s the kind of guy you would marry and never regrets because he takes care of you like a fucking queen. He’s definitely a keeper.
He’s such an “aqil”. You should marry him
by Babybooooetyuihv December 29, 2017
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An awesome person, funny/ huge sense of humor, cute even adorable at times. Dont be short around him, he'll be sure to piont it out, or even call you shorty.
"Why you short shorty-aqil"
by Hzhshahzjsh May 14, 2017
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Aqil- The perfect guy. No one wants to share him. He's sweet,athletic, and protective of his family and friends when you're going out with him you're going to feel amazing he'll make you feel special about yourself and he will do most sweetest things. He's a fun and outgoing champion. His affection is special and when he loves you, he'll tell you. He's honest and respectful of gift your wishes. He'll do anything to make you smile.
Aqil is amazing
by TheOnlyBeautyQueen February 08, 2018
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Typically a tall guy who is always right, lazy, and is good at sports.
Wow he is such an Aqil he is so lazy.
by sashkj January 08, 2017
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